Chris Bozung has established a great reputation among players, collectors and aficionados of fine acoustic instruments. Following are some testimonials from music professionals and proud owners of CB instruments.

Note: newest testimonials are at the top of the page.

Bennett with his Herringbone.

Dear Chris, I know it's been a while! I just wanted to tell you how magnificent my new Bozung plays and sounds! It overshadows all of my guitars!!! God has given you great gifts as a luthier and as a musician. Thanks again for building my Bozung!!


Bennett Rye 
Nashville, TN
December 1, 2010



I have had my guitar for a couple of months now, and play a little every day. It is an exceedingly beautiful instrument. Aside from that it has excellent tone, projection, and balance. The best I have ever played or heard. The neck shape and set up are excellent, so comfortable to play. The quality of the wood and the workmanship are top notch. I feel proud and privileged that I have one of your works of art. You're a wonderful person and a master craftsman. Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing you on my way to Florida next winter. 

Larry Barrett 

West Olive, Michigan

April 19, 2010



Rick with his "St. Michael and the Dragon" Model J.


Rick with his son and his grandson, the future owners of the "Dragon" guitar.


Dear Chris,

I do not have the words for my happiness over this guitar. Anything I try to say will fall short. It is everything I have ever wanted in sound, playability and exquisite detail. This guitar feels light and sounds very woody. It is crisp yet monstrously strong in volume and bass and sheer drive. It sounds like ten 1940 D-28's and J-45's playing at once. I love it. I am almost afraid to play it because it is so perfect. I'm afraid the newness and precise joyful moment of my first full strum will somehow never be recaptured. But I honestly do know that it will keep getting even sweeter with every change of strings in years to come. I hope I live long now just so I can have many years of hearing that sound and feeling the body vibrate against my chest. I might have it buried with me. No. That wouldn't be right would it. I have a son and a grandson who deserve to have this in their possession one day and so they will.

I am out of words. I can only say thank you my friend for caring so much about your craft. You're an artist. You are a special man and wonderful guitar maker.

Rick NesSmith
December 23, 2008



Ron with his Model J


Thanks to CB owner Stan Travis for introducing me to Chris’s work.  If not for him I might still be wandering in the wilderness completely happy with mediocrity.


It is a beautiful instrument.  The specs are exactly what I asked for and every detail of workmanship is immaculate.   The sound is just awesome with tone, balance and volume you just can’t believe and the intonation is right on.  I’ve had the privilege of playing a lot of different of high-end guitars but I can say that none have given me the pleasure and satisfaction of my “CB Model J” and it just seems to get better.  Chris said it might “open up” some more.  If it does I just might have to put a muffler on it or keep it in the case! Thank you Chris Bozung for the friendship and for the best guitar I’ve ever owned.


Ron Holcomb
Clarksville, TN
April 24, 2008



Pete Huttlinger with his new Model J, "The Black Swan".

Hear Pete play the Black Swan: "Scotch 'n Soda"


Pete Huttlinger with his CB-ROM.

Hear Pete play his CB-ROM: excerpt from "Tommy in the Morning"

We've been posting some new music on the web site. I figured "What the heck... I've got all these guitars and I've got a studio with all these fancy microphones, why not put it all to some use." So I posted a nice version of Scotch 'n Soda. I recorded this on my new guitar built by Chris Bozung of CB Guitars. It's a pretty amazing instrument and if any of you are thinking it's time for a truly great guitar in your life, I strongly suggest you check out Chris's work. Yes, there are lots of great builders out there. But every now and again someone comes along who has an extra special gift. There's a certain spirit in the instruments that Chris builds that I just have not seen or heard in a long, long time.

Pete Huttlinger

February 9, 2007



Stan with his CB Vintage 'Bone.

You know the drill.  GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) pains hit and you spend literally years trying to find "the" guitar that really fits like a glove. It has to sound "old", it has to have soul and a voice that dominates jams and it has to scream WORKMANSHIP!

After all the shopping, after buying "the logo" and being very dissatisfied, after all the playing and comparing and after all the whining about how much really top notch guitars cost, I took the plunge and ordered one of the first Vintage Bones ever built. I'm sure Chris would call me anything but patient, but the wait was worth the reward.

My Vintage Bone is much more than I expected.  The guitar is nearly two years old now and continues to amaze me.  It stands its ground very well in the company of guitars costing twice and three times as much, and head and shoulders above most.  It has the tone, warmth and volume of an old warhorse.  The fit an finish are absolutely impeccable inside and out.  The wood selection is amazing, as is the total workmanship of this instrument.  I have another CB guitar waiting in rotation, but this wait is a little easier to handle because one CB in the hand is better than a closet full of most anything else I've ever played and trust me...I've played a whole bunch of different builder's guitars.

Chris Bozung stands equal to the very best and head and shoulders above all the rest that modern luthierie have to offer.  I'm already thinking about what CB#3 will be. There are an awful lot of repeat customers in Chris' book... and I know why!  By the way, I still look, but I don't shop any more.

Thanks Chris,

Stan Travis
Clarksville, TN
March 8, 2006


Bill with his CB Vintage J.

I heard a bunch of guys on the flatpick list talking up Chris and his guitars and decided to give him a call last year. Great guy, and GREAT guitar. I was looking for a good backup for my '50s D18, and my custom CB Vintage J actually has taken over 'first string' duties.

It has unbelievable tone, volume, clarity, and visual beauty. Really top-notch workmanship, and I'm proud to own and play one. I can't wait to show it off at next year's festival.

Bill Ward

Founder and Program Director, Mayville Bluegrass Festival



October 11, 2005



Mark with his CB Vintage Bone.

My new cocobolo and red spruce CB Vintage Bone is in a class of its own.  Words can’t describe the beauty of this guitar or its sound, but I’ll try.  I needed a guitar with projection and cut – something that wouldn’t just blend into the mix at a big jam session.  I also wanted the personal attention and craftsmanship that can only come from a guitar that is built just for me.  I got everything I wanted and more in my CB guitar.

This guitar sounds great anywhere, but it really shines in a group setting.  People turn their heads when I give it the first strum.  Everyone I play with has remarked about the excellent sound and volume of my CB.  It has a percussive rhythm punch great for backup and enough cut and clarity to be heard over many other instruments when playing lead.  The great thing for me is that I can get that great sound and volume without beating the guitar to death.  This guitar plays effortlessly, which means I can keep playing for hours without becoming fatigued.  But you can still really dig into this thing and get even more volume out of it.  Every time I pick up my CB I am surprised with a new depth of sound, sweetness of tone, or volume potential.  This guitar has no limits.

Chris Bozung is really turning out some fine instruments, and I feel privileged to be playing one of his guitars.  If you are looking for a guitar that is in a class of its own in terms of tone, volume, and craftsmanship, then you will be satisfied with a new CB! 

Mark Whiting

Richmond, VA

September, 2005



Jim with his CB AuditoriOM.

On my two new recording projects, "Tradition" and "Revival," Inge and I used five different guitars: three old Martins (1945, 1946, and 1949) and two new CBs (a Brazilian rosewood Model J and a CB-ROM).  This says it all.  Chris' guitars can hold their own with our cream-of-the-crop vintage Martins with no apologies.  The bass of our Model J is like the Rock of Gibraltar, and the chords sparkle with the clarity of a great mahogany box.  You can hear it as clear as a bell on every track on both my two new CDs, and the resonator model provided us the perfect change of color for solos on nearly half the tunes.


Jim Wood

January 1, 2005



Andy with his CB Special.

I picked up my CB Special 9 weeks ago as of this writing, and in that time it has made moves to become the number one guitar in the house.  It has a sweet, woody tone that is well suited to fingerstyle, but it can hold its own when flatpicked.

I got a chance to take her to her first jam a few weeks and was really waiting until I heard it in a group setting (unplugged) to send in my comments. 

Everyone that sees it compliments on what a beautiful guitar it is (I'd stack it side by side with any Collings C10 or Santa Cruz H model I've seen for fit and finish.)

The warmth of the guitar is amazing.  I've been on a "string quest", trying to find the perfect string and I'm almost there.  But every change I make, I find a new depth to the tone.

I feel honored to have such a fine instrument in my collection.

Thanks for your cooperation in helping me make this decision and for your dedication to your craft.

Andy Willoughby

December 5, 2004



Dan with his CB Super.

I first heard of CB Guitars from a friend who saw a link in one of his outdoorsman's magazines. Naturally curious, yet skeptical, I visited his website. Let me say that it alone, by Webmaster (and I do mean master!) Boge Quinn is enough to set any picker's heart a'racing!

I decided to take the leap and comfort myself for my upcoming 60th birthday by having Chris build me a CB Super to fill the void left by a J-200 I had previously traded for having the late-60s "pencil neck" found in too many of their acoustics back then.

I spoke with Chris on the phone repeatedly, giving him details about the bells and whistles I wanted and the special custom "vanity" trim I hoped for. He was without exception gracious and helpful. In fact, when a family emergency interrupted his building, his webmaster and friend Boge Quinn contacted me personally to keep me updated--on all fronts.

"Rosebud" was a marvel when I unboxed her, but in the intervening months she has gotten even more robust yet mellow, like velvet bells, like a thunderstorm held in my lap.

Chris Bozung and his instruments are a tonic for those in these times who might get to feeling like integrity and business cannot coexist, because they surely do in a place called Fairview, Tennessee.

I believe Chris's hands are themselves instruments of a much greater power, and I hope to get down there one day, Rosebud and I, to let Chris and his friends pick circles around me while I sit there grinning like a possum!

But don't just take my word--find a CB instrument, play it, listen to it, check the price and then see if you can resist owning at least one.

Oh, yes, if you want to see some really tasty shots of Rosebud herself, click here!

Dan Pease

"The Guitar Geezer"

Iowa Falls, IA

November 27, 2004



Rick receives his new CB Super from Chris.

Hi everybody! It’s funny how many repeat customers CB guitars has. Only a few of them are on this page. Well, here’s one more to add to the list (this is my third CB Guitar)!  I am thrilled to tell you all how proud I am to say that I have the guitar of my life. My beautiful, personally customized “CB Super Cutaway ”.

What a work of art this monster is! Chris is making the rest of the luthiers jealous of his great options at such a sweet price. It’s not easy to find hand builders who don’t go crazy on option prices. But Chris still does his rose inlays for no extra charge and throws in sunbursts for no extra charge. Check out others and you’ll be surprised how much they like to get you for say an Adirondack top or a Style 42 abalone trim. And the guitar itself is better in sound and durability than anything I’ve seen. He says “They’re built for the long haul”. And you can tell it when you pick one up. It just feels like you know it’s going to be in the family for not just years but generations. That’s what I plan for this one. My son’s son will be playing this CB.

The reason I’m writing this for everybody is basically because I love guys who still do it the old fashioned way – with love and respect to their craft. That’s what this country should be all about. We would be stronger and we wouldn’t go elsewhere to find it.

Thanks, Chris, for your old-time beliefs in excellence and your honesty and fairness. God bless your wonderful family. With all your friends I wish the best for you always!

Rick NesSmith

Jacksonville, FL

November 24, 2004



I met Chris Bozung several years ago as a referral for some minor repair work I needed on one of my guitars.  He impressed me with his work, ethics and the overall impression of the man.  He showed me some of his guitars, I knew he was good, but I had no idea at that time what a high end guitar was supposed to be since I'd never owned one.  The guitar I had seemed to stand up to most guitars in my price range well enough, so over the next few years I visited Chris and picked his brain while learning more about better instruments and we became friends.  I joined a Flatpicker's internet list server and began learning even more.

The heartbreaking part is that I let my pickin' friends keep me thinking I needed the "right" headstock logo in order to have a good instrument, now I know better.  Much to my dismay I kept looking and being disappointed until I found the correct logo at a price I was agreeable to, but I was never satisfied.  The shopping continued.  I was pretty disenchanted with the guitar I'd purchased because I was constantly having to tune the danged thing...this went on for another year.  One night Boge Quinn showed up at our weekly jam with a whole arsenal of CB guitars in tow...I was in guitar heaven that night and my "logo" didn't get played at all.

A couple of weeks later, Boge shows up again with the first Vintage Bone...maybe three weeks later, I ordered mine.  From that time I watched the calendar pretty close and while I tried to call myself patient, I'm sure Chris would call me anything but.  The wait was agonizing but the rewards were unbelievable.

My Vintage Bone is much more than I expected.  In the six months since I picked it up, it has stood its ground very well in the company of guitars costing twice and three times as much.  It has the tone, warmth and volume of an old warhorse.  The fit an finish are absolutely impeccable inside and out.  The wood selection is amazing as is the total workmanship of this instrument.  Already, I have another CB guitar waiting in rotation, but this wait is a little easier to handle because one CB in the hand is better than a closet full of any other builder's instruments I've ever played and trust me...I've played a whole bunch of different builder's guitars.

Chris Bozung stands equal to the very best and head and shoulders above all the rest that modern luthierie have to offer.  I'm already thinking about what CB#3 will be.  There are an awful lot of repeat customers in Chris' book... and I know why!  By the way, I don't shop any more.

Thanks Chris...you too Boge.

Stan Travis
Clarksville, TN

October 19, 2004



Shane with his CB Herringbone.

The first CB guitars that I ever saw belonged to some friends of mine, Jim and Inge Wood.  I had never seen guitars like these before with such quality and sound.  After playing a half dozen CB's, I knew I had to have one.  I met with Chris and we hammered out all the details for my CB Herringbone.  Chris built the guitar out of ribbon-striped Mahogany and Adirondack spruce.  It is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen.  It is far better than I had expected, and has great tone and volume.  I've owned Gibson, Martin, and Taylor guitars, but they do not come close to a CB guitar.  Chris Bozung is a true craftsman and offers a product second to none at a very reasonable price.  I am looking forward to recording with this guitar in the near future.

Shane Adkins

2003 International Thumbpicking Champion.

March 25, 2004



Daniel with his CB Model J.

I have played lots of vintage and modern guitars over the last 20 years, but none of them can even come close to matching Chris' meticulous attention to detail, carefully hand-selected woods, and exceptional tone!  There is no other guitar for me!

Daniel Carwile

U.S. Grand Master Fiddle Champion

March 3, 2004



James with his CB Model J.

I really forget just how I stumbled upon Chris' website one day while surfing for some aspect of guitar---(one of my favorite pastimes).  I had been looking casually at small builders with some interest in maybe ordering one sometime in the future.  I thought it might be fun to have an instrument made reflecting my personal tastes and made by a smaller builder who might pay a bit closer attention to details, and the prospect of owning a well-crafted guitar built by an individual custom luthier seemed attractive.  I already owned guitars made by Martin, Gibson and Collings, but I kind of wanted something a bit different.

I was intrigued by what he offered and read the WHOLE website, which really is a useful and worthwhile education by itself----there are articles on tone woods, body sizes, instrument care, a restringing style I've since adopted and many other useful aspects of acoustic guitar information .  There is a really neat section with downloads available giving the sound many different wood/body combinations Chris offers and then comparing those to vintage Martin and Gibson guitars.  I was much impressed with this website and after careful scrutiny, decided to order a J model with Cocobolo body and Adirondack top. I decided on Fleur-Di-Lis fingerboard inlays, and substituted a bookmatched Cocobolo peghead overlay for the standard peghead inlay.  I chose a natural top finish, thinking his several styles of sunbursts were just too fancy for a plain dude like me. But that's just me.  They are as attractive as any I've ever seen for those desiring that style and Chris doesn't charge any more for that option.  In fact, many of his options are at no charge.

Chris was open to my ideas, suggested several items and emailed me that it would be ready in about 4 months.  I couldn't believe how easy the whole process was, and so I went ahead with the order without even trying one of his guitars or visiting his shop, although I had paid careful attention to his website information---especially the sound bites of different vintage guitars comparing them to Chris' models. Chris emailed me at various points during the building process to ask my preference for various aspects of the construction which progressed in a timely manner.

After receiving my guitar promptly when it was scheduled to be delivered, I put it through its paces and am most pleased to report that not only is it as visually stunning as I had hoped, the sound was just excellent right out of the box----in less than an hour it compared favorably to any of my other instruments which include a Collings D-1A, a Martin HD-28 and a 1963 Gibson J-50.  By now it has eclipsed those guys in volume and its quality of craftsmanship meets or exceeds those instruments in every way.  This particular guitar closely resembles a Collings CJ in level of workmanship, appointment and sound---except that it's cost is about half of the Collings CJ with similar appointments.

I am very happy with my new J model and highly recommend Chris as a luthier.  His instruments are as good or better than any I've ever played and his prices reflect about a fifty percent savings over those of more well known makers of acoustic guitars.  Of course, now I'm trying to decide on my next CB--maybe a Mahogany/Engelmann CB Special.  I am making my phone number and email address available through Chris for those wanting feedback on his work---I'll even make the guitar available to play for those living in my locale (the central Oregon coast)  I do give CB Guitars an enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

James D. Little


December 29, 2003



Boge with his first CB guitar, the prototype of the CB Model J.


Boge with his CB Model J and his CB Super.


I am the Webmaster for CB Guitars, and as such you might think I'd be a bit less than objective about Chris Bozung and his instruments. You'd be wrong, as I don't make any money for the work I do for Chris. I created this web site as a labor of love, both for the wonderful instruments that Chris creates, and for Chris himself, who has become one of my closest friends.

I first made Chris' acquaintance a few years back when I was given a 1947 Gibson flattop guitar by an old friend who thought the instrument beyond repair. The old guitar had belonged to my friend's uncle, who was very dear to me when I was growing up and had left it to his nephew when he passed away. Unfortunately, my friend later went through a particularly nasty divorce, and his ex-wife completely destroyed the guitar and left it to rot in a wet basement for several years. When my friend finally got the guitar back, he gave it to me since it would never do him any good. I had never before seen an instrument smashed into so many pieces, so warped and twisted by humidity until it was all but unrecognizable! I held on to the guitar a couple of years before deciding to try this guy named Chris Bozung I'd heard about. I figured the guitar was a hopeless case so I had nothing to lose, and Chris just laughed when he saw it. Chris was reluctant at first to even talk about repairing it, but when I told him of the sentimental value the guitar held for me, he told me he'd give it a try. I wish I had some "before" photos to share, because I was totally amazed by the restoration job that Chris did on that old Gibson. He breathed new life into it, made it sound and play better than it ever had, and I have since given that guitar back to the nephew. I was left with the knowledge that I'd made the acquaintance of a Master of his art.

I have since acquired four CB guitars: a Cocobolo/Engelmann Spruce Model J; a Cocobolo/Engelmann Spruce CB Super; a Curly Maple/Sitka Spruce CB Special (which I commissioned as a gift); and an Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce Vintage 'Bone. As a collector, I own or have owned many fine vintage pieces from makers such as Martin and Gibson, as well as newer instruments from nearly any well-known maker you can name. I can truthfully state that Chris' instruments are the finest that I have ever owned or played, equaling the finest and most expensive vintage instruments ever made, and are far superior in every respect to new custom instruments from other makers that cost several times their price.

When I think of Chris Bozung, the first word that comes to mind is integrity. If Chris tells you something, you can bet that it's as true as if it were carved in stone by an unseen hand and brought down from the summit of Mt. Sinai. I've often heard it said that we should live as though we always knew God was watching, and that's how Chris lives his life. Creating fine instruments is his living, but his family, his God, his friends, and his instruments & clients are his life. He is, as I said before, a Master of his art, and he concentrates that mastery into every instrument he creates. His love for the instruments he creates is almost a tangible thing, and it shows in his face when he sees someone play their new CB instrument for the first time. It is Chris' craftsmanship, artistry, integrity, and love that allow him to create the finest instruments available today at any price.

Contact Chris and try a CB instrument as soon as you can. I guarantee that you will be amazed by the instruments and the man who creates them. Chris' instruments will become the frame of reference for every instrument you play in the future, and you might even find an incomparable friend in Chris Bozung, as I did.

Feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way. I would be glad to let you try my CB instruments. You can email me at webmaster@cbguitars.com.

Boge Quinn

Clarksville, TN

November 17, 2003



Chris and Tom with his squareneck CB-ROM, standing on a concrete slab that will soon be the new home of CB Guitars!

Every guitar maker has testimonials from pickers who have bought their instruments. They all say that theirs is the greatest guitar they have ever seen. Over the years I have decided that each person looks for something different in a guitar. It could be its sound, workmanship, playability, overall appearance, or something unique. My collection includes many guitars that, to me, possess one or more of these qualities. Therefore, it was with some interest that I took a friend's advice to go see the guitars made by Chris Bozung. He said that they were the best made.

I arranged to go to Chris' shop, and took along a fellow picker who had seen many more guitars than I ever would. Once you meet Chris, you instantly like him. He is honest, friendly, down to earth and interested in what you have to say. He was happy we came by.

I told Chris that I wanted one of his guitars, and he started asking questions about what I wanted from the guitar. Simply stated, I told him that I wanted a great sounding, easy to play guitar with the volume to compete with a monster banjo picker I associated with. He quietly said okay and began to explain what he thought I needed. Everything sounded exciting, and I told him to go for it, but he wanted me to take my time and think about it overnight. The next day I e-mailed my order, adding a second guitar to the first. One would be an AuditoriOM and the other a Herringbone, both with Cocobolo back and sides and Adirondack Spruce top. Chris e-mailed back that he would use matching woods for the guitars so they would be a matched pair, and that I should drop by anytime to see the guitars in varying states of construction.

Obviously, I would not be writing this if I did not get what I ordered, but the main reason I'm writing is to let you know about the person you will be dealing with when you decide to get a CB instrument. Over the course of visiting Chris several times while my guitars were being made, I found Chris to be a great person, and one I have come to consider a good friend. He will go out of his way for you and does more than he promises. He cares.

My matching set of guitars are excellent. I cannot fully express the artistry involved in them. They look, sound and FEEL better than any guitar I have ever played, but don't take my word for it. I have told Chris that with a little notice, my guitars are available for anyone who wants to come by Chris' shop to sample them for themselves.

Since buying my matched pair of CBs I have purchased a Model J, and I have just received a squareneck CB-ROM. These guitars only reinforce my earlier opinion: Chris Bozung creates the best guitars available anywhere. I am in the process of making Chris known to every picker I meet.

In closing, I want to point out that no matter how good CB guitars are, they are an even better value. Chris' prices are very reasonable compared to the marketplace. I own custom guitars that costs two to three times as much and don't come close to comparing to my CBs. Order yours today before the demand pushes the prices up and the delivery time gets longer. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Tom Harrison

Nashville, TN



Jimmy with his Model J


Jimmy with his CB-ROM

Since I last wrote about CB Guitars, I have commissioned and received the prototype of the CB-ROM (Resophonic Orchestra Model) as well as a "Model J" with Brazilian Rosewood body and Adirondack Spruce top.

The CB-ROM will eat a banjo's lunch and I've had several studio guys/producers borrow this axe for their projects. It's great for Blues, Fingerstyle, "Travis"-style and other styles.

The "Model J"... What can I say? It's a total monster! Balance, tone, power, barefoot, miked, recorded or whatever, it's a killer. I have a CB Herringbone in Brazilian & Adirondack on order. Chris doesn't pay me one thin dime to talk about his work and I'm not easily impressed, but this guy amazes me.

If you have any reservations, call me and come by Fairview, TN and play one or more of my CB's. I told Chris he could give out my phone number on request.

James E. "Jimmy" Wood

Fairview, TN



Hitoshi with his KK-10 (with CB 5-string conversion neck)



Dear Chris,

My name is Hitoshi Imamura. I am a Japanese banjo player. I've been playing the 5-string banjo for 15 years, since I was 15 years old.

I recently bought a wonderful Kel Kroydon (Gibson) KK-10 banjo with a five-string conversion neck made by you. This banjo sounds very fine and strong, and I'm satisfied with not only the sound, but also the playability and the great feel of the neck. I've really taken to this beautiful neck very much! Thank you for a great job. My best wishes for your activities for the future.

Sincerely Yours,

Hitoshi Imamura





PLEASE NOTE: CB Guitars will not reproduce brand names, inlay patterns, or trade marks of other companies except for restoration of an existing instrument.



Tim with his CB Rosine and his CB Herringbone

Well, here I am again.  Chris built me a guitar last year and I guess I got the fever...I had to have a new banjo, so I placed an order with Chris for a gold plated Walnut CB Rosine. This is the first banjo I’ve ever bought. I’ve been picking the same Gibson Mastertone that my Dad gave me when I was a kid 42 years ago!!! 

When I was in Nashville last summer I went to the Gibson Showcase and to Gruhn Guitars and played several of their top end banjos. The only banjos I played there that could even approach my old Mastertone were the gold plated Mastertones with a $6,100 price tag on them. So, I started thinking about a custom banjo by Chris (good thing I have an understanding wife!).

I ended up having Chris build me a banjo out of some really nice figured walnut he had. I went with his trademark rose inlay pattern (to match the Cocobolo CB Herringbone guitar he built me). We went with the Huber Gold Plated Tone Ring, the Cox Premium Hard Maple 3 Ply Rim, the Price Straightline Tailpiece, and a Snuffy Smith bridge.  Chris said the rim is from some 30 year old maple and it was so hard he can barely drill a hole through it.  I’ve had the banjo about a week now and can’t put it down.  The only adjustments I made after getting the banjo were to tighten the brackets about ¼ turn and I lowered the tailpiece a little.  Other than that it came set up and ready to go!

Sound is very difficult to describe, but I’ll try.  My old Gibson is loud. VERY LOUD! I’ve had several people tell me it’s the loudest banjo they’ve ever heard. The Rosine has every bit as much power as my old Gibson. To my ear, I’d say the primary difference in tone is that the Rosine has a crisper sound…..more clarity between the individual notes. When I pick a fast tune the individual notes ring out much more distinctly than with my old Mastertone, and the bass response is noticeably better. Keep in mind that I’m comparing a brand new banjo here to a 50 year old Gibson!

In a nutshell, this banjo is everything I was expecting and more. I’m just tickled to death with it. The total cost for everything? Try $2,810. Pictures do not do this banjo justice. A person has to see and play it to really appreciate it. Thanks again, Chris.

Tim Whitney

Chinook, Montana



Rick with his CB Model J


Rick with his CB AuditoriOM

I was on a two year quest for the perfect acoustic guitar when I accidentally logged onto Chris’ website. I think I typed in “Tonewoods” or “Luthier parts” and CB Guitars came up.

I had traveled within a 300 mile radius of my home in Florida to try out every top-of–the-line “name” guitar I could find. These included Martin, Huss & Dalton, Larivee, Santa Cruz, Guild, Gibson, Gallagher, Taylor...you name it, I probably tried it! I finally ordered a real nice Bourgeois. It cost me $3000. I was ultimately unsatisfied with it and took it back (losing a $300 “restocking fee” in the process!)

One day I decided to call CB Guitars from the photos and reasonable prices on the excellent website. After talking to Chris for a while I was won over by his easy-going personality. Then I asked for a few phone numbers of some other CB guitar owners and he gave me about five. These guys are the ones that really sealed it for me. All were ecstatic about Chris and his excellently crafted guitars! They couldn’t say enough about him!

I jumped all over having two guitars made! A “Model J” and an “AuditoriOM” (which evolved into the “Slothead” Style 42 CB “AuditoriOM”). He worked very closely with me on all details. He even reshaped the neck of my AuditoriOM at no charge!

So, for a little more than my original $3000 guitar I got two of Chris’ masterpieces. Everybody that sees them loves them! Thank you so much, Chris, for all the “little extras” you did for me and thank God there are a few left that care about their craft the way you do!

Rick NesSmith   




Tim and Chris, the day Tim picked up his CB Herringbone

I've played guitar since I was 10 years old.  I guess that means I've been struggling along on one for over 41 years now. I think I've played just about every "top of the line" guitar there is out there over the years. I make it a point to go into the big music stores and play their best guitars whenever I get the chance. I inherited my Dad's old 1954 Martin D-28 and that's pretty much the only guitar I've ever owned up until now. 

I decided I wanted something a little special before I got too old to play, so I started looking at having a custom guitar made. I contacted most of the top luthiers around and then a guy told me to check out Chris's guitars, so I did. I talked to several people who had guitars he had built and they just couldn't say enough good things about Chris and his work, so I went ahead and had him build me a CB Herringbone

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about putting down my hard earned money for a guitar sight unseen, but after talking to Chris a few times I felt comfortable with my decision. There was no need for me to worry. 

I am just thrilled to death with the guitar Chris built for me. I just can't put it down. I should clarify that I'm not a great guitar player by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just an average player who appreciates a fine instrument. Some people have this idea that they have to be a Tony Rice or a Doc Watson before they can own a nice guitar. I disagree....anyone who loves to play is doing themselves a huge disservice if they feel they have to be a great player before they can own a fine handcrafted instrument like Chris builds.

The craftsmanship in my guitar is flawless.   I've been over it with a fine tooth comb and if there is an imperfection anywhere, I haven't found it. Like I said, I've played them all.

This guitar is in a class of its own. The guitar he built me has the Cocobolo back and sides and the Adirondack Red Spruce top. The Cocobolo is one of the most beautiful woods I've seen.....a very rich, deep reddish brown.  

Words can't describe the bass response from this guitar. It's incredible. And the mid and upper ranges are as crisp and clear as you'll ever want to hear.

Chris designed the neck to fit my hand and style of playing. I love it. The action is just perfect.....easy to play, but if I need to really dig in and and pick hard the guitar responds beautifully.....no snap or fret buzzing whatsoever.

I could go on and on forever about this guitar and the work Chris does. The guitar is just wonderful, but what really topped things off for me was dealing with someone like Chris. I just can't imagine dealing with anyone better. This isn't going to be the last thing Chris builds me. As soon as I can scrape up some money, I'm going to see if he will build me one of his banjos to match the guitar he built for me. 

I've made a lot of decisions in my lifetime, some good, some not so good. Having Chris build a guitar for me is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Tim Whitney




Larry with his CB Herringbone

My new Cocobolo CB Herringbone sounds better, plays better, and looks better than any guitar I've ever owned or played. That includes guitars from Martin, Gallagher, Santa Cruz, Collings, and Gibson. Since I've purchased my new CB, my other guitars are in the case and in the closet.  I retrieve them only when asked for a comparison.

Through years of experience, Chris Bozung knows what makes a great guitar.  Chris' master craftsmanship is second only to Chris' honesty and integrity as a businessman.

Whether there are 1,000 or 100,000 CB guitars created, they are destined to go down in history as the finest guitars ever built.  Sound a little strong? . . . Not as strong as my CB Guitar!

Run for the Roses!

Thanks Chris,
Larry Carney

PS.  Great Looking Website!



Willie with his CB Herringbone

I just met Chris and picked up my CB Herringbone, and I'll tell you it's the best money I've ever spent! I'm glad I went with the Brazilian Cherry back and sides. He left the stain light and it's real pretty. 

I'm naming it "Martin Killer".

Willie Bruce Carter



We recently used a new CB Herringbone Mahogany guitar in the studio right alongside some of the best and most valuable vintage guitars from Martin, Gibson and Gallagher.

Not only did this brand new instrument hold its own, but the tracks we recorded with Chris' guitar became some of the most prominent and important guitar parts on the project.

In my thirty years of collecting acoustic instruments, I've not seen a better new guitar or a comparable value.

John Balch



John with his CB AuditoriOM

Just a note to say how much I am enjoying my CB Brazilian Rosewood AuditoriOM guitar.
I have played this guitar every day for the six months since I picked it up at Chris' shop and it just amazes me how the sound gets better every time I play it.
I own several old Martins and an old Gibson but my CB beats them all. The response and playability are unparalleled and I find myself always neglecting my other guitars.
Chris, I don't know how you do it but please don't change a thing because I hope to place an order for another CB guitar soon.
Thanks again for your craftsmanship and attention to detail which produce the best guitar on the market.
John Anderton 



Jimmy with his CB Herringbone

I'm a player, collector and trader of vintage guitars. I own and have owned quite a significant number of very fine acoustic guitars. They include old Gibson, Martin, Epiphone, D'Angelico, and Stromberg instruments, plus several modern handcrafted guitars by very respected makers. I got acquainted with Chris Bozung through a couple of friends who are Nashville studio musicians. These guys are very discriminating (really picky) and were very satisfied with Chris' repair and restoration work. I gave him a try and was very happy with his work, turn around time and prices. He now does all my repair and restoration work.

Last fall I ordered a CB "Herringbone" with custom inlay, Adirondack (Red) Spruce top, and fancy Mahogany back, sides and neck. This guitar is now my number one flattop. It sounds like it was fifty to sixty years old.

Some current makers use excessively thin tops, backs and sides and flimsy bracing in order to get an "old" sound and volume, but their instruments do not hold up over time. Chris' guitars are are built for the long haul....to go the distance. No "Hot Rodding"....Just Skill. My son and daughter-in-law are both full time performers, teachers and studio players and are playing custom CB Guitars. I currently have two more CB guitars on order. They are custom designed as special purpose instruments. I am sure they will meet my expectations. Chris' work is so consistent, I know they will also be world class guitars.

I could talk all day about CB Guitars..............TRY ONE!

James E. "Jimmy" Wood

Fairview ,TN



Inge with her CB AuditoriOM

My CB AuditoriOM guitar is a remarkable combination of great sound and beauty.  Its tone is solid and powerful, yet every note speaks clearly and evenly.  But the thing that catches people's attention first is the dozen roses (abalone and mother of pearl) which progress from buds to fully-opened blossoms.

Chris' attention to aesthetic detail and to tone is incredible.  My guitar is the best of all worlds; I can play any style (from swing to old-time) with the confidence that it will sound great (not to mention how great it looks).

Inge Wood




I purchased my first CB Guitar in 1996, and was so delighted with the quality, tone & craftsmanship, I had Chris build me another one in 1999.  You cannot buy a guitar with better craftsmanship and attention to detail at any price.  When you consider that CB Guitars are less expensive than "off the shelf" famous name instruments, the choice is obvious.

 Randy Milliman

Davison, Mi



As the former owner of The Fret Shop in Huntsville, Alabama, I've handled hundreds, maybe thousands, of Martins, Taylors and Gallaghers, and the CB guitars that I have seen are some of the nicest sounding new guitars and most excellent values I've seen in many years. If I still owned the Fret Shop music stores, I'd be begging to sell CB Instruments.

Rick Jobe



Jim with his CB Herringbone

As the owner of a large collection of vintage Martins, Gibsons, and Epiphones (amongst other things), I can state that Chris' workmanship is the equal to highest standards established by the most elite luthiers of all time, and that the tone and playability of my new CB Herringbone is as inherently good as any new guitar I've ever heard or played. I've been using my new CB dreadnaught on sessions since I got it at Christmas, and it already has a place in my collection of working guitars along side my fifty and sixty-year-old Martins.

Jim Wood




Inge Wood plays her CB AuditoriOM on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium® at WSM's Grand Ole Opry®, January 26th, 2002. Inge and her husband, internationally renowned fiddler Jim Wood, joined Opry member Mike Snider on Mike's portion of the special Opry "bluegrass night". Pictured are Jim Wood (fiddle / tenor guitar), Mike Snider (mandolin), Shane Adkins (guitar), Inge Wood with her CB AuditoriOM, and Charlie Cushman (guitar).

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