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The fact that you are visiting my web site indicates that you are looking to purchase a fine instrument, already own fine instruments, are interested in learning about fine instruments, or possibly any combination of the three. Whether you are a buyer, a collector or an enthusiast, it is wise to add to your knowledge base by seeking out information on the design, construction and care of fine instruments. The purpose of my regular articles is to disseminate good, practical information relating to design, construction and care, and hopefully to convince you to invest in a CB instrument. Regardless of whether you intend to purchase one of my instruments, it is my hope that you will learn enough about instruments and their care that you will be able to enjoy a relationship with your instruments that lasts a lifetime. A fine instrument, with proper care, will last far longer on this earth than we will; we must remember that we are only temporary stewards of the instrument, a chapter in the story of the instrument's life.

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Caring for Your Instrument's Finish

Your Instrument's Finish

Caring For Your Instrument



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