Our Friends and Their CBs

This is YOUR page! Send us pictures of yourselves, your family, your friends, your pets, or your band with your CB instruments. We will share the pictures with the readers of this site. Use your imagination, we want to see our friends having fun with their CB instruments! Send pictures and comments to webmaster@cbguitars.com.

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Ryan Peters, owner of the first CB Vintage 18 Limited Edition guitar.


Dan Blazer with his CB Model J guitar.

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Dan Blazer Plays "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (John Francis Wade) on his CB Model J (mp3)

Dan Blazer Plays "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen) on his CB Model J (mp3)


Pete Huttlinger (left) and Andy Reiss (right) with their CB Model J guitars.



Vince Gill with his new CB Model J and his new "girlfriend", Chris' daughter Katie.

Ron Holcomb (third from right) with his CB Model J at Steve & Dixie Jones' weekly jam session in Clarksville, TN. Steve is at left (standing with bass) and Dixie is at the right.



Peter Rowan plays a CB Vintage J at the Mayville Bluegrass Festival, June 16, 2007. As he remarked on stage, "That's a fine guitar...mighty nice, beautiful...made for Bluegrass music!"

 Photo courtesy of Bill Ward.



Pete Huttlinger plays Carnegie Hall with his Model J on March 3rd, 2007. With Pete are Chris Nole (keyboards), Mollie Weaver (vocals) and Byron House (bass).

Pete Huttlinger with his Model J, "The Black Swan".

Hear Pete play the Black Swan:

"The Black Swan"

  "Scotch 'n Soda"



Pete Huttlinger with his CB-ROM.

Hear Pete play his CB-ROM: excerpt from "Tommy in the Morning"

Country music star David Frizzell plays Bill Whitacre's CB Herringbone Cocobolo Vintage Sunburst.

David's wife Jo says, "We love the picture..........and David loved your guitar!"



Matt Riopelle with his CB Vintage J, rehearsing for a Summer 2006 wedding.

"A little embarrassing to be upstaged by the guitar in looks and voice. Thanks, Chris!"

Bill Whitacre performs at a recent Singer Songwriter Sunday concert at Nature's Haven in Cocoa Village, Florida, with his  CB Herringbone Cocobolo Vintage Sunburst.

"Still my favorite stage guitar", says Bill.



Stan Travis with his CB Vintage 'Bone.

Tim Whitney of Chinook, MT "warms up" with his CB Rosine banjo.



Bill Ward with his custom CB Vintage J.


Dan Pease and Rosebud in action at a bluegrass showcase in Indianola, IA.

Maddie Denton with her new CB AuditoriOM.


A gathering of CB Herringbones at a bluegrass festival in Kendalville, Indiana. Pictured are (L to R) Tim Jackson, Kenny Frazell, Don Bergen, Tony Hickman, Randy Milliman, and Charlie Partin (kneeling).

Mark Whiting of Richmond, Virginia with his new CB Vintage 'Bone.


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